Check out these extremely useful tips from real cat owners :
FROM : Dianne H.

Giving aged cats attention ... Older cats prefer not to be disturbed during the day. I have found that they enjoy sleeping in the day, and getting attention at night. Interrupting your cat's sleep can lead to stress and grumpy attitudes

FROM : John T. , Columbus OH

CAT SKIN CANCER...Use colored sun block I use children's colored sunblock on my white cat's ears and nose. This way, I can see when she has rubbed or washed it off, and I can re-apply as necessary.


HYDRATION TIP: In case your pet will not drink water, try Pedialite. It will replace the electrolytes in the animal's system. Even a small amount helps.

FROM : S. Kiora, TX

WORMS - Beware of over the counter products - My cat had a bad infestation of fleas. To get rid of them we bought Hartz flea spray bottle with spray nozzle. The product almost killed her. It is highly toxic (& didn't work). We took her to the vet where a dog was sick - treated with the same product

FROM : Angela, California

TICK REMOVAL - Don't forget to kill them . Just throwing away or flushing a tick down a toilet won't kill it. It could get out of the trash bag and begin nesting in the trash can, which will cause a bigger problem. You can burn them, soak them in alcohol, or just squish them till they bust

FROM : Holly C.

RAW DIET IS BEST : Consider changing your cat's diet to an all-natural, raw diet! It's amazingly easy, safe, affordable and most importantly, the healthiest for your cat or dog! There are many books out on raw dieting and it will dramatically change your kitty forever! Never give your cat or dog cooked bones. Raw bones are safe and encouraged, but cooked ones are unhealthy and will splinter, causing internal damage. Raw is not to be confused with cooked

FROM : Adam, Norman , OK

WATCH THE LITTER BOX - Watch for unusual stools when cleaning the litter box. This is a good sign that something is abnormal and that your pet's habits should be watched closely for signs of a serious condition

FROM : Veronica, PA

PICK A VET THAT TAKES TIME WITH YOU - This is something I learned the hard way. I went to a more expensive vet and liked him and his office, but when it came time to have my second cat neutered, I went with a cheaper office that a friend recommended. I was extremely disappointed to find that a lady came out and got the cat without ever explaining what they would be doing. I never met with the vet, and when I came back, the same girl brought my cat back out in the carrier. I found that he had urinated on the cloth, which was very unlike him...I wondered if he was left a long while in this carrier. In any event, I plan to go back to the more expensive vet that had a very clean office, meets with you at EVERY visit, lets you ask questions, goes over surgery in vivid detail, reiterates risks and benefits, checks in with you when you come back, and makes sure you don't have any additional questions. I recommend this to ANYONE with a pet.


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